Slingshot Ammo Magnet

Slingshot Ammo Magnet


MagMaster is probably the strongest magnet you can strap to your body.

This belt clip magnet is a universal holster, up to the task of carrying your heaviest tools. Hammers, pliers, massive pipe wrenches, fistfuls of nails...

But for those of us slingshot geeks out there, it means one thing above all others. An ammo holder.

You can use this magnet to hold anything that a magnet can hold right on your hip at all times, but when it comes to holding ammo, this one is the best we've found.

From our new friends at holstery, this magnet is perfect for:

  • Holding a nice glob of ammo on your hip where you can grab the next shot
  • Sweeping out your catchbox in a flash
  • Even sweeping the floor (or anywhere you drop ammo) for stray rounds


These magnets need special handling to protect the other parcels and to keep from tearing through light packaging if they come near metal.

This monster magnet is the one you want if you want power.