Training Ammo Bandset

Training Ammo Bandset


Looking for the best bandset to use with our SimpleShot Rubber, or Plastic ammo? This bandset is matched to them, and it is the same as our 1/4"/6.5mm Slingshot Flatbands. This bandset will shoot efficiently and accruately with our practice ammo. Not for speed, this is for training, slingshot practice and no wasted energy.

Remember, this is for training. If you're looking for power, this is not for you. But if looking to train and practice with light ammo and light slingshot bands, this is the bandset you're looking for.


NOTE: Our clay ammo is now larger and heavier, so this is no longer recommended for our new clay. Please use our 5/16 steel bandsets (well matched) or 3/8 steel bandsets (more speed and eruption of the clay) for clay ammo. [Bandsets]