The Ocularis slingshot standard maintenance kit. Two bandsets and Ocularis™ sets at a discounted price.

Ocularis™ Maintenance Kit


Keep backup Ocularis™ Plugs and bandsets handy with this Maintenance Kit for your Ocularis equipped slingshot.

 The Ocularis™ Maintenance Kit includes:

  • One set of Ocularis™ Black Plugs
  • Two General Purpose bandsets suited for 3/8"-7/16" steel ammo 


All General Purpose Slingshot Flatbands are single layer and include an appropriately sized leather pouch, completely assembled including band ties.  All bands are 10" long from pouch.

Ocularis™ plugs for all SimpleShot Ocularis™ compatible slingshots only. Impervious to fork hits and infinitely adjustable.  Includes two plugs and two 7/16" steel bearings.