FlipClip X for Hammer XT

FlipClip X for Hammer XT

Includes 2 FlipClips with fasteners. Fits one Hammer XT head.

FlipClip X™ is the band attachment for the Hammer XT head from SimpleShot

Now you can have even more grip, even more durability and even more awesome on your Hammer. Made to accommodate TTF and OTT, FlipClip X™ is made of aluminum, so you get a lifetime of use out of these rugged FlipClips.

FlipClipX™ also has a large slotted screw to allow the use of not just a screwdriver to fasten, but also a coin, the back of your pocket knife, flat washer, whatever! No phillips-head needed!

The FlipClip X™ bites and won't let go. Easily band up your thickest bands with ease. Just tighten down and shoot.

As always, be careful to not over-tighten. Over-tightening can bruise your bandset.